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Continuing Education for Behavior Professionals

Made #Real, #Raw, & #Relatable

At Study Notes ABA, we keep our word.

When we told you, "we've got you" we really meant it.

We got #certified and created CEUs so we can still be #friendswithbenefits.

As always, we promise to bring you the #real, #raw, and #relatable

content you know and love with a "mature" twist.

Just like your new #official cert we've got a glow-up of our own.

So pinkies up, let's do some learning!

We know you are #busy and we are, too, so we'll keep this short.

We are approved by the Behavior Analysts Certification Board (BACB) as an ACE Provider to offer CEU courses with YOU in mind.

Think of this as "CEUS and Chill" where you can #getitdone on your own time.

#Adulting alone is hard so we've got your #team here to help along the way.

And as always ...

Love ya, mean it...

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