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Sexual Behavior Analysis

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Research Review Club

The Deets


Research Review Club is an opportunity for anyone interested in or anyone who enjoys reading articles and wants to participate on an ongoing basis on discussions based on the selected research!


Unless otherwise stated all sessions will occur Sundays @ 11am CT (12pm ET | 9am PT). You can find more information about the specific dates by checking out the schedule below!


Each Research Review Club will be facilitated by BCBAs that love research. We are there to support and facilitate the club meetings, but we want YOU to bring it also! The more participation the more fun!


We know that one of the ways to grow in our practices (regardless of where you are in your journey) is by research so we've built a place to do that (cough cough, right here, cough cough).


Each of our meetings will occur via Zoom meetings, set up, and hosted by our team!

The information for each specific course (i.e., session) can be found after registering for a course.



We can’t wait to have you! Be sure to sign up by registering for the course on the website (yes you will have to make an account!). We will provide all the instructions in each course, in addition to, how to get CEU credit (if you are attending for CEUs).

Research Review Club Courses

- Research Review Club -

Class Date: Sunday, November 12, 2023

Registration Closed!

- Research Review Club -

Class Date: Sunday, November 12, 2023

Registration Closed!

More Deets

Research Review Club FAQ

Research Review Club is a monthly (ish) opportunity for individuals in the field of, or interested in, Behavior Analysis to discuss research. This club provides an opportunity for anyone to come! For individuals looking for CEU credit be sure to purchase the CEU credit courses (instead of the "free" options). The free options will always be available, but you will not be able to obtain CEU credit from them.

Don't know if you can #commit? We hear that - drop in each session for $5.00 if you would like to obtain CEU credit, if you just want to #hang without the CEUs, check out our FREE non-CEU option!
  • What is the difference?
    • CEU option you will be able to get a certificate at the end of the course, Free option obtaining a certificate will not be an option at the end of the course.
  • Why do you have a free option without CEUs and one for $?
    • Great question! Since we’re in the business of being #real we’d love to explain, we feel strongly that discussing research with individuals of all skill levels and learning history is IMPERATIVE to grow as a field. #Dissemination amirite?!? We wanted to create an option where you can still nerd out on ABA without the cost. 
  • Purchased Free, Now want CEUS: YES! You can always “upgrade” your course access by purchasing the CEU version. You can do this on your own without us!
  • Purchased CEU now want free: We strongly urge you to double, and triple check your schedule before purchasing a live course! We get it life happens and we are real people behind the scenes here, so in extreme cases please email us at ceu@studynotesaba.com 

As of right now, we do not have a recorded option for this series. We strongly feel that the bulk of the learning from this course is the live conversation. We are hoping to establish a way to do this as an asynchronous version, but we have not found a format we like yet.

Additionally, please understand that as ACE Provider we are bound to follow the guidelines as laid out by the BACB® which requires us to ensure attendance at an event. We do this in our live courses via code words that is the only way to get credit for the live course is by attending the live event. 

At this time CEUs will only be given for those that attend the live event.

Other Resources

Check Out Our Research Review Club Facebook Group

**This group is a Study Notes ABA Research Review Club** This group is ONLY for the purpose of setting dates, meetings, discussing specific articles as it relates to the article/topic selected. This group is NOT for Study Preparation, Clinical Advice, Job Searching, or other uses. Please check out our other groups specifically for those uses!

Disclaimer: It is NOT required to join this group in order to receive CEUs, to create an account, or to access this site. This link is provided as a community resource, further defined as a way to connect with individuals in the field during a time when many feel disconnected. This group should not/cannot replace doing your own research, CEUs, supervision, and/or training. Any person in the group is expected to follow HIPPA, FERPA, state-specific privacy laws, BACB (and other governing body ethical codes). Viewpoints and opinions expressed in this group are not a reflection of CEUs by Study Notes ABA LLC, Study Notes ABA LLC, or any related entities.

Research Review Club 2023

Sunday, March 19th - 11am CT (12pm ET | 9am PT)

Research Review Club #1 - Behavior Analysis In Health And Fitness with Jordan and Mital - 1 General Learning BACB® CEU - Registration Closed Live Date Passed!

Sunday, April 23rd - 11am CT (12pm ET | 9am PT)

Research Review Club #2 - Behavioral Pediatrics with Jordan, and Mital - 1 General Learning BACB® CEU - Registration Closed!

Sunday, June 11th - 11am CT (12pm ET | 9am PT)

Research Review Club #3 - Behavioral Gerontology with Jordan, and Mital - 1 General Learning BACB® CEU - Registration Closed!

Sunday, September 10th - 11am CT (12pm ET | 9am PT)

Research Review Club #4 -  Prevention And Behavioral Intervention Of Child Maltreatment with Jordan, and Mital - 1 General Learning BACB® CEU - Registration Closed Live Date Passed!

Sunday, November 12th - 11am CT (12pm ET | 9am PT)

Research Review Club #5 - Behavioral Treatment Of Substance Use Disorders with Jordan, and Mital - 1 General Learning BACB® CEU - Registration Closed - live date passed!

CEUs by Study Notes ABA LLC is an Authorized Continuing Education Provider (ACE) approved by the BACB® to offer continuing education (#OP-20-3183)

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