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What is Sexual Behavior Analysis (SBA) and why does it have an entire page on your website?

OMG, we're so glad you asked! Did you know ABA has a sexy side?  Actually, it’s not very glamorous, but Sexual Behavior Analysis (SBA) is extremely important!  Courses in this category will provide attendees with an intensive and thorough base training in a variety of vital areas when addressing sexual and/or sociosexual behavior.

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Sexual Behavior Analysis Courses

Sexual Behavior Analysis (SBA) 10-hour Workshop

THIS IS A BFD, SBA 10-hour workshop is available as a recorded option!

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**Note: if you have previously taken the SBA 2-day Workshop live you can not take it again for credit with the BACB**


The bundle provides the participant with access to all 5 courses in the Recorded: Sexual Behavior Analysis (SBA) 10-hour Workshop Series.

NOTES:* You must complete Session 1 PRIOR to taking Session 5.*

*Session 1: Recorded: Ethics In Addressing in Sexual Behavior (3 Ethics CEUs|~163 min)
*Session 2: Recorded: ACTraining for Sexual Impulsivity (1 General CEU|~61 min)
*Session 3: Recorded: Affirming Sexual and Gender Orientations Through ABA Methodology (1 General CEU|~8 min)
*Session 4: Recorded: Running Sexual Bx & Skills Assessments (SSKAAT-R Version) (2 General CEUs|~110 min)
*Session 5: Recorded: Building and Delivering a Treatment Plan for Sexual Behavior (3 General CEUs|~156 min)

SBA Bundle Options

We are incredibly lucky to have the following instructors diving deep into a variety of topics!

Maio-Aether Pic

Nicholas A. Maio-Aether, MAMFT, MSPSY, LBA, CSC, IBA, BCBA, (CBS & CBS-C Program Co-Director): owns Empowered: A Center for Sexuality in St Louis, where he and his occasional teams of partnered Universities' students work to assist humans with and without disabilities to achieve sexual access, sexual freedom, gender affirmation, and self-control of compulsive behaviors. Nicholas works throughout the US training BCBAs/Behavior Analysts so persons in Individualized Supportive Living (ISL) programs gain access to applicable and generalizable comprehensive sex ed and sexual opportunities. Nicholas provides Sexual Behavior Analysis, and has assisted polycules, kinksters, gay couples, trans and nonbinary humans, among others, on their journeys. Trained by GLSEN in 2003, Nicholas started Gay-Straight Alliances across Alaska while in high school, and provided them sex ed materials and trainings. Nicholas spent five years managing Hustler Hollywood in St Louis before moving into Behavior Analysis, and joined AASECT, where he currently sits on two committees. He then completed a Sex Therapy practicum under Linda Weiner, LMSW, CSTS, in 2019 before getting a second Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy, and meeting those hour requirements under Angela Skurtu, LMFT, CST, along with his LGBTQIA+ Family Systems Specialist certificate in 2021.

Nicholas' has the following Recorded CEU courses with us, click the links below to check 'em out!:

Emma Farber

Emma Farber, MS (Co-Presenter): Emma Farber is a practicum student at Empowered: A Center for Sexuality under the supervision of Nicholas Maio-Aether. Emma graduated from the University of Southern California in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science, and in 2022 with a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis. Emma worked for an early intervention ABA agency for over three years prior to starting to work at Empowered in June 2022. Emma plans to continue her supervision hours and sit for the certification exam in behavior analysis.

Emma has the following Recorded CEU course with us, click the link below to check it out!

Frank Cicero

Frank Cicero, PhD, BCBA: Dr. Frank Cicero is a New York State licensed psychologist, licensed behavior analyst, and board-certified behavior analyst with over 25 years of experience working in the fields of applied behavior analysis, autism spectrum disorders, pediatric/school psychology, and education. He received his master’s degree in school psychology from St. John’s University and his doctoral degree in educational psychology from the City University of New York Graduate Center. Dr. Cicero is currently an assistant professor and ABA program director for Seton Hall University, New Jersey. Prior to this position, he served as the Director of Psychological Services for the Eden II Programs, an applied behavior analysis agency in the New York City area serving children and adults on the autism spectrum. Dr. Cicero has served on and for the board of the New York State Association for Behavior Analysis since 2000 in various positions, including President of the Board in 2015 and 2016.  He currently sits on the Board of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) and the Affiliate Chapters Board of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). Dr. Cicero continues a private practice for pediatric psychology and ABA, as well as conducts program consultations in best practice treatment for autism, developmental disabilities, and problem behavior. Dr. Cicero frequently conducts workshops and trainings nationally on a variety of topics within his fields of expertise, including treatment of problem behavior, sexual education for individuals with ASD, toilet training, and ethical practice of behavior analysis.

Frank has the following Recorded CEU courses with us. Click the links below to check 'em out!

Grant Sparks

Grant Sparks, MS (Co-Presenter): My path towards counseling began when I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and chose to work towards a sober life. I saw how using experience, strength, hope, and empathy could bring about significant and insightful changes in a person’s way of life. From those experiences as a newcomer in recovery, and then a peer counselor for several years, I focused on pursuing my education in Psychology. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services from Clayton State University in 2018 and followed that with a Master of Science in Clinical and Counseling Psychology in 2020 from Clayton State University. It was during my master’s program that I truly found my passion: being a geek therapist. Believe it or not, that’s a thing! Using my knowledge of psychology and my life experience of being a huge nerd, it is my dream to bring healing and care to an often-misunderstood population. One of the greatest aspects of being a geek is the intersectionality inherent in the community! I work with geeks, nerds, dorks, and dweebs, LGBTQIA folx, members of the Kink community, ethical non-monogamists, and people of all cultures and spiritualities.

Grant has the following recorded CEU course with us. Click the link below to check it out!


Landa Fox, MA, BCBA, Certified Sexual Health Educator: Landa is a BCBA and Certified Sexual Health Educator. She has formed a practice by merging her interests of teaching fundamental skills to folks of various abilities and sexual health and relationship education. She believes that access to inclusive, accessible, and accurate sexual health education is a fundamental human right that should be afforded to all. Areas of passion include: individualized teaching of sex education; teaching consent and body autonomy early; and access to pleasure for all.

Landa has the following recorded CEU courses with us. Click the links below to check 'em out!:


Makenzie Danis, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA: Makenzie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst dedicated to providing child-centered and innovative ABA services. Makenzie holds degrees in psychology, and child development, along with graduate degrees in both special education and ABA. She has worked in the public school system for over 8 years ensuring students have effective behavior support plans and the skills to be successful in whatever life path brings joy and fulfillment.  Additionally, Makenzie Danis is a Certified Sexuality Educator through the Sexual Health Alliance. She believes firmly that all individuals, including those with disabilities, have a right to comprehensive sex education.  Makenzie is also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in both small groups and individual therapy. She is the proud owner of Danis Behavioral Solutions, which provides affirming behavioral support to individuals and families, along with progressive supervision services to future BCBAs.

Makenzie has two Ethics CEU course with us. Click the link below to check 'em out!:

Maxi Glamour

Maxi Glamour (Co-Presenter): Maxi Glamour (they/them) is a renowned drag and music artist, and founder of the St Louis organization Qu’art, which showcases local queer art and assists minority-intersected queer artists in gaining recognition and pay for their talents. Maxi’s talents went worldwide in 2020 when they were featured as a Season 3 contestant on the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, where they faced their fears and put out some killer looks. Maxi has since begun their undergraduate journey at Webster University, and has also just started tenure as a commissioner for the St Louis City Civil Rights Enforcement team. They continue to produce drag shows locally and to travel nationally, showcasing not only their drag, but also their music, having released an album in 2021 entitled Modernadada. Their website is: www.maxiglamour.com

Maxi has the following upcoming Recorded CEU courses with us. You won't want to miss them when they're up!

Bio Photo

Rachel Benson, M.Ed., LBA, BCBA: Rachel Benson (she/her) is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has worked with the neurodivergent population for over ten years in various settings, including school, home, and clinic locations and water therapy. Rachel is currently under practicum for her Sexual Educator Certificate. Her current work is focused on sexual health, safety, relationships, and empowerment with both neurodivergent and neurotypical populations. Her philosophy is grounded in access to sexual health and sexuality for all and being able to obtain comprehensive and inclusive sexual education.

Rachel has the following recorded CEU courses with us. Click the link below to check 'em out!:

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