Recorded: How to Use ChatGPT in ABA Therapy

**This course will provide the participant with 1 General Learning Type BACB® CEUs**

Description of Learning Type CE Event: In the clinical world of ABA Therapy, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance program development, empower families and technicians, and overcome resource constraints. Learn more about how ChatGPT can help you be a more effective and efficient practitioner. The three major topics covered related to ChatGPT and ABA will be covered. First, caregiver Training: Learn how ChatGPT can be an invaluable tool in providing caregivers with real-time support, fostering greater understanding, and promoting continuous progress for our clients outside the therapy setting. Second, BT Skill Development: Discover how ChatGPT's interactive functionalities can assist Behavior Technicians in honing their skills, receiving personalized feedback, and expanding their expertise in implementing ABA programs effectively. Third, program enhancement using Technology: Explore the integration of ChatGPT to refine ABA programs, streamline data collection, and leverage technology to create efficient and dynamic intervention plans.

About the Instructor: Mellanie Page is a BCBA® and MBA with over a decade’s experience in ABA. She has enjoyed applying the science of behavior analysis as a clinician and as an operator to achieve transformative outcomes with clients and within organizations. Mellanie is a leadership coach and hosts a new podcast, “Leader Lab,” where she offers tips, tricks, and actionable strategies to help emerging leaders leverage the science of ABA to realize their success. Recognized as a keynote speaker and TEDx Talk contributor, her mission is to share the science of ABA in fun and engaging ways.

Target Audience: BCBAs®/Supervisors. Beginners

Learning Objectives for Participants: As a result of this course participants will be able to …

  • Learn how AI will change ABA Therapy.
  • Identify ways to leverage ChatGPT for caregiver training, BT skill development, and treatment enhancement.
  • Review examples and applications of the technology.

To earn credit, you will be required to watch all video portions and pass a quiz about it with a score of 100% or higher. You can retake the quiz as many times as needed, but you may not receive exactly the same questions each time.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 5 Quizzes