February 2022 Research Review Club #1 – Behavior Analysis in Education

**This course will provide the participant with 1 Learning Type BACB CEUs**

Join us for our monthly Research Review Club on 2/13/21 where we will be covering: Yassine et al., 2020. Building student‐teacher relationships and improving behaviour‐management for classroom teachers. 1 General CEU will be provided for participating in an online discussion, and completing a final quiz based on the live discussion.

Research Abstract: Teachers can at times view behavioural intervention procedures as time-consuming. Thus, socially-valid classroom-based interventions are a critical component to behavioural success. This study examined the effects of traditional behavioural interventions with two kindergarten students presenting with challenging behaviours, including aggression, tantrums and noncompliance. Notably, it was found that traditional behavioural procedures were not sufficient to substantially reduce the behaviours alone. Therefore, a relationship building component was added to target positive student-teacher relationships. Student outcomes resulted in a significant reduction in challenging behaviour as well as teacher-reported behaviours showing a reduction across all measured periods. Ongoing teacher consultation, increased student-teacher relationships (STRs) and use of effective classroom management strategies are necessary for effective models of behaviour support.

Key words: consultation, behaviour change, student-teacher

Article Citation: Yassine, Jordan & Tipton, Leigh Ann & Katic, Barbara. (2020). Building student‐teacher relationships and improving behaviour‐management for classroom teachers. Support for Learning. 35. 10.1111/1467-9604.12317.

Target Audience: Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts or anyone interested in Behavior Analytic Research!

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