How to Complete a Recorded Course

...Find Your Courses & Certificates

...Complete an Article CEU Course

...Complete a Live Zoom Course

...Complete a Recorded Course

...Edit Your Profile Name and BACB#

Access Your Courses

Cooper course page


To access one of your courses, click on "My Courses" in the left sidebar and then click on the course

You'll be taken directly to the main course page

Recorded Course page

On this screen, you can:

  1. Download ALL the documents that you will need for the course
  2. Download the one-page CEU info sheet for your records
  3. Use a direct link to edit your profile if you need to correct your name and BACB certification number (the way it will print on your certificate)
Screenshot Download Course Documents

Downloading the CEU Info Sheet

pdf downloaded pic

The "CEU Info Sheet" button will download a pdf file

The file may open automatically OR you may need to click on the download arrow in your web browser

browser bar with download document highlighted

Downloading the ZIPPED course documents

course page download files

the "ALL course docs" button will download a ZIPPED pdf file

If you get an error message or if the page seems like it is stuck loading (like the image above)

course page download files 2


Just click on the download icon (the arrow pointing down) to begin downloading

it maybe located in the upper-right corner of your web browser bar

download zipped file
course page 2 downloaded files 3

Where to Find the Videos

Recorded Course Content List

Go to the videos by clicking on the "Video #..." lesson in the Course Content

The videos for the course are listed in several different lessons and each video segment has a quiz


Recorded Course Video
Recorded Course Quiz

After you watch each video segment, you will need to take the quiz for that segment


Be sure to click the button that says "Click Here to Continue" after each quiz. This will mark that section complete and take you to the next video


Recorded Course Quiz Continue

What's After the Videos and Quizzes?

Recorded Course Evaluation

Course Evaluation

Complete the COURSE EVALUATION after the live session is over.

Recorded Course Evaluation 2

You must complete the course evaluation to move on to the Final Quiz

After completing all questions, click the "Submit" button and then the "Done" button.

Recorded Course Final Quiz

Final Quiz

Before clicking the "Start Quiz" button, review your Name and BACB Certification number and click to edit your info if needed...

Otherwise, click on "Start Quiz"

View your incorrect and correct questions by clicking on the "Review Questions" button that appears when your quiz is graded. 

reviewing correct and incorrect answers2

Your Certificate

Print Your Certificate Button

Click on the "Print Your Certificate" button after you pass the quiz with an 80% or higher score.

Or click on the "Continue Here to Continue" button to view your certificate.

You can click on "Restart quiz" to retake the quiz if you failed.

Do NOT click on "Restart Quiz" if you passed the quiz and received a certificate - your earned certificate will no longer be available.

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