How to Complete an Article Course

...Find Your Courses & Certificates

...Complete an Article CEU Course

...Complete a Live Zoom Course

...Complete a Recorded Course

...Edit Your Profile Name and BACB#

What to expect in an article course

  • Timer on Every Page

    You are required to spend a minimum of 50 minutes on the course, so you'll see a timer on every page.

  • Pretest Questions

    Each article course has Pretest Questions, but the score doesn't count against you at all! Do your best but #nostress

  • ABA Research Article

    Broaden your research repertoire by reading up on recent ABA studies.

  • Discussions

    Read the article and apply what you read by participating in discussion forums.

  • Course Evaluation

    Complete a course evaluation and help us continuously improve our CEU course delivery #feedbackmatters

  • Final Quiz

    Take the Final Quiz after you complete all required activities for the course. Score 80% or higher to earn credit.

Access Your Courses

Cooper course page


To access one of your courses, click on "My Courses" in the left sidebar and then click on the course

You'll be taken directly to the main course page

Article Course

On this screen, you can:

  1. Download the CEU info sheet for your records
  2. Use a direct link to edit your profile if you need to correct your name and BACB certification number (the way it will print on your certificate)
Article Course(2)

Downloading the CEU Info Sheet

pdf downloaded pic

The "CEU Info Sheet" button will download a pdf file

The file may open automatically a new window of your browser
you may need to click on the download arrow in your web browser

browser bar with download document highlighted

How do I begin the actual course?

Article Course(4)

Click on the first lesson listed under "Course Content" on the table of contents

Navigating through the Course

Lesson Material

The titles of the lessons and activities are listed on the left side of the page


Article Course(6)
Course Timer(3)
Course Timer(1)

Course Timers

  • the TOP RIGHT side of the lesson page
  • the BOTTOM LEFT side of the lesson list

Refresh your page to update the timers

Course Content

Course Content and Directions

The course content and directions for activities are located on the right side of the page

Answering Quiz Questions

Select your answer, scroll down and click on the 'Next' button on the lower-right of the page


Submitting a Quiz

Click "Finish Quiz" to submit your quiz for grading

Finish Quiz
Click Here to Continue

Moving on to Next Activity

You MUST click the "Click Here to Continue" button to move on to the next activity

Downloading and Reading the Article

Download the Article

Download the article and read it

The article may open in another browser window or it may appear in your downloaded folders


Click on the Discussion Question to go to the actual question

Discussion Questions

Read the discussion question, then scroll down and click the "Reply" button to post your answer

Discussion Questions(2)
Discussion Questions(1)

Type your response to the question and click "Post"

You can also choose to be notified of future replies by ticking the "Notify me" box. The discussion forum will continue to be available to you for viewing in your profile area, under the "Forums" tab

Complete the Course Evaluation

course eval image

Course Evaluation

Complete the COURSE EVALUATION after you have completed all material in the course except for the Final Quiz

focus mode course navigation

You must complete the course evaluation to move on to the Final Quiz

After completing all questions, click the "Submit" button and then the "Done" button

Recorded Course Final Quiz 2

Final Quiz

Before clicking the "Start Quiz" button, review your Name and BACB Certification number and click to edit your info if needed...

Otherwise, click on "Start Quiz"

View your incorrect and correct questions by clicking on the "Review Questions" button that appears when your quiz is graded. 

reviewing correct and incorrect answers2

Your Certificate

Print Your Certificate Button

Click on the "Print Your Certificate" button after you pass the quiz with an 80% or higher score.

Or click on the "Continue Here to Continue" button to view your certificate.

You can click on "Restart quiz" to retake the quiz if you failed.

Do NOT click on "Restart Quiz" if you passed the quiz and received a certificate - your earned certificate will no longer be available.


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