Meet the Instructors


Amy DeFusco, MA, BCBA, ECSE

About Amy: Hi, I’m Amy! I was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut, but I have spent most of my adult life in Colorado where I currently live. I have been working in Early Childhood since 2011. Over the years I have had many roles within the field from teaching soccer skills, running fitness classes and working in both private pre-schools and public schools. As I was completing my undergraduate degree I concentrated on Young Children with Behavior Disorders and ADHD, this had a heavy focus on ABA, I went on to complete a complementary program for my Early Childhood Special Educator certification in 2015, that again had a heavy ABA focus. I then decided to go back to school for another masters in solely in ABA so I could become a BCBA, and graduated from ASU in 2020 and went on to pass my test in November 2021. As I was completing my course work and preparing for the test, I was already thinking about how I could begin to disseminate ABA into the special education world, and create those bridges we need to work together for our students. I am so excited to be a tiny part of the SNABA team!


Angela Reid, BCBA LBA-TX, CTP

About Angela: Angela Reid is a BCBA, LBA-TX and CTP (Certified Trauma Professional) for Paris Independent School District. Angela spent over 10 years in the special education classroom, seven years at Texas Education Service Centers and six years serving Paris ISD. She is a long term parent/student advocate after advocating for her daughter with Down syndrome. Angela also contracts as a special education court expert for capital crime court cases interpreting special education records and testifying to the long term implications of failing to identify, serve and support students with disabilities. She lives in Sulphur Springs, TX with her family, three cats and two Golden Retrievers.


Ashley Ochi, MA, BCBA

About Ashley: My name is Ashley Ochi, and I am a BCBA who’s had the privilege of working with older adults since entering the field of ABA as a direct support staff. I graduated from Westmont College in sunny Santa Barbara, California while working as an entry-level behavior interventionist and was given the opportunity upon graduation to enroll in a Master’s program and move up to a middle-tier supervisory role. With that opportunity, I stayed in Santa Barbara after graduation, where I continued to be given opportunities to work with adults and their caregivers, while supporting the direct staff. My love for the population and my hunger for more resources for the aging population both grew. When I became a BCBA, I knew I wanted to start creating the resources I always longed for while I was learning to navigate working with the aging population.

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Caitlin Beltran, M.Ed., BCBA

About Caitlin: Caitlin is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and has her Masters in Special Education. She has classroom experience both as an aide and a special education teacher in a private school for students with autism. These experiences drove her to pursue her BCBA, and she currently works as a district behaviorist for a public school. In addition, she teaches part-time for Rutgers University in the Graduate School of Education. You can find her on Instagram @BeltransBehaviorBasics!


Carlos Torres, BS


About Carlos: Carlos is a published author, coach, and Program Director of a young adult program for people with disabilities. Additionally, he creates curriculum and designs groups to develop social skills, vocation skills, leisure skills, and relationship skills. In his free time, he coaches special needs sports teams for the Miracle League of Wisconsin. Carlos has a degree in special education. He dedicates his time to help at risk children and young adults gain skills for independence.


Casey McDaniel, M.S., BCBA

About Casey: Casey is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Co-Teacher of our own Study Notes ABA Collective (i.e., weekly test prep sessions), and Co-Host of the Behavior Bitches Podcast. Casey went to the University of New Hampshire for her undergrad and got her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis from Antioch University. Before joining the Study Notes ABA (SNABA) team, Casey spent 6 years working with Autistic Adults in center-based and community-based settings. Her passion is in seeing her clients learning skills to increase independence within their respective communities, and most importantly living their best and most authentic lives. At SNABA, Casey has used this passion to best support and help students to learn the tasklist and pass the test! She loves to tie in the importance of understanding the social significance and how it can impact specific clients in the short and long (until adulthood) term when it comes to task-list-related information. Casey lives in the beautiful state of New Hampshire (ask her about her tattoo to show her devotion to this state). She has a “wicked” strong New England accent that we constantly correct her on, but nothing seems to help. You can find Casey floating along a river, ocean, pool, glacier, lake, swamp, or puddle. If there is water, this girl will find it.


Cassandra (Cassie) Leutenegger, MEd., BCBA, LBA Certified Special Education Teacher

About Cassie: Cassie is a behavior analyst on a mission! She loves to empower educators with innovative resources and research-based courses so that teachers like you can easily create a thriving special education classroom that runs on autopilot. As a former special education teacher with 8+ years of teaching. She spent 5 years working with students in a behavior support program and currently teaches middle school Math and Science in the Functional Academics program. Cassie is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has experience providing ABA therapy in a private setting.  She has a passion for working with students and using ABA strategies within her classroom. She is passionate about disseminating information to fellow special education teachers, general education teachers, parents, and other related service providers. You can find her on the 'gram @adventuresofabehavioranalyst


Chris Topham M.Ed., BCBA

About Chris: Hi, I’m Chris. I started Celeration, an ABA company that is based in Northern California. The twist? We only hire BCBAs and do all of the direct work ourselves. Yup, myself included. I’ve worked in the ABA field for over ten years and have been practicing as a BCBA since 2016. I believe that we can improve the field of ABA by shifting toward a scientific approach, maintaining high clinical standards, and most importantly, connecting with the families we serve.

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Didiana De La Osa, DBH, BCBA-D, IBA

About Didiana: Didiana De La Osa, aka Didi, became interested in Behavior Analysis when she saw that loved ones with developmental disabilities did not have access to Quality Care. She obtained her BCBA certification in 2015 and has been supervising student analysts ever since. Didi also obtained an OBM certification in 2017 and launched several projects, including starting a mentorship program and improving staff performance. She later obtained a BCBA-D certification in 2020 which prepared her to move further into OBM and immerse herself in the systems and processes necessary to run an organization. Didi has clinical experience in school, clinic, in-home, and community settings. Her clientele has consisted of a diverse population and has helped her grow in her cultural awareness. Didi also has experience in OBM across company structures, including clinic, in-home, and group home settings.

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Dominique Shorter-Taylor, MA, BCBA

About Dominique: Dominique Shorter- Taylor is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), CEO of Shorter-Taylor Behavior Consulting, and Co-Founder of Beyond ABA, LLC. Dom is most known for her Youtube channel Dom the BCBA Mom, where she creates vivacious content on real-life situations as a BCBA, different career paths, and her unique journey as an Autism Mom. Dom received her certification from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She received a master's degree in clinical psychology in her hometown, Chicago, and she is a proud alumni of South Carolina State University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). She is also an Adjunct Faculty and Supervisor at Bay Path University. Dominique has been working with adults and children with Autism and other neurological differences for 13 years. While working in the field of behavior analysis and navigating systems with her own child, she determined a need for accessible services, specifically in communities that are traditionally underrepresented and underserved in the field of ABA. Dominique has made it her mission to collaborate with other professionals and disseminate the benefits of ABA in unconventional ways to all in need. Dominique has been a presenter at the Women in Behavior Analyst (WIBA) conference for three years in a row in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and leadership. She has presented at the Black Applied Behavior Analyst (BABA) 2022 Conference. She was an invited speaker at the Autism Expo, The Answer Inc. events, UICF Bible College, Proviso Township Minister’s Alliance and interviewed on the AC Green show 106.3, The Talk of Chicago 1690 WVON, Gospel Radio 1390, and CAN TV, sharing the benefits of applied behavior analysis not only to individuals with Autism but to our entire community. When she is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and 4 children, volunteering at community organizations like Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, and PTMAN, and leading the media team at her local church. She loves creating content for her Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok audience, and promoting a healthy work/life balance.


Emily Varon, MS, BCBA

About Emily:  Emily Varon is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a dedicated focus on sleep-related behaviors. She has worked in the field of behavior analysis since 2000 and has devoted her practice to improving the sleep habits of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder since 2010. By combining the science of behavior analysis with the science of sleep, Emily creates a consumable learning opportunity for BCBAs to enhance their practice by providing context for the way sleep and behavior both complement, and sabotage, one-another.

Emma Farber

Emma Farber, MS


About Emma: Emma Farber is a practicum student at Empowered: A Center for Sexuality under the supervision of Nicholas Maio-Aether. Emma graduated from the University of Southern California in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Science, and in 2022 with a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis. Emma worked for an early intervention ABA agency for over three years prior to starting to work at Empowered in June 2022. Emma plans to continue her supervision hours and sit for the certification exam in behavior analysis.

Emma's Course


Frank Cicero

Frank Cicero, PhD, BCBA

About Frank: Dr. Frank Cicero is a New York State licensed psychologist, licensed behavior analyst, and board-certified behavior analyst with over 25 years of experience working in the fields of applied behavior analysis, autism spectrum disorders, pediatric/school psychology, and education. He received his master’s degree in school psychology from St. John’s University and his doctoral degree in educational psychology from the City University of New York Graduate Center. Dr. Cicero is currently an assistant professor and ABA program director for Seton Hall University, New Jersey. Prior to this position, he served as the Director of Psychological Services for the Eden II Programs, an applied behavior analysis agency in the New York City area serving children and adults on the autism spectrum. Dr. Cicero has served on and for the board of the New York State Association for Behavior Analysis since 2000 in various positions, including President of the Board in 2015 and 2016.  He currently sits on the Board of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) and the Affiliate Chapters Board of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI). Dr. Cicero continues a private practice for pediatric psychology and ABA, as well as conducts program consultations in best practice treatment for autism, developmental disabilities, and problem behavior. Dr. Cicero frequently conducts workshops and trainings nationally on a variety of topics within his fields of expertise, including treatment of problem behavior, sexual education for individuals with ASD, toilet training, and ethical practice of behavior analysis.

Grant Sparks

Grant Sparks, MS


About Grant: My path towards counseling began when I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and chose to work towards a sober life. I saw how using experience, strength, hope, and empathy could bring about significant and insightful changes in a person’s way of life. From those experiences as a newcomer in recovery, and then a peer counselor for several years, I focused on pursuing my education in Psychology. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Services from Clayton State University in 2018 and followed that with a Master of Science in Clinical and Counseling Psychology in 2020 from Clayton State University. It was during my master’s program that I truly found my passion: being a geek therapist. Believe it or not, that’s a thing! Using my knowledge of psychology and my life experience of being a huge nerd, it is my dream to bring healing and care to an often-misunderstood population. One of the greatest aspects of being a geek is the intersectionality inherent in the community! I work with geeks, nerds, dorks, and dweebs, LGBTQIA folx, members of the Kink community, ethical non-monogamists, and people of all cultures and spiritualities.

Grant's Courses


Jordan Litt, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA (NYS)

About Jordan: Jordan is a BCBA, LBA-NYS and the ACE Coordinator and Co-Founder of CEUs by Study Notes ABA. My start in our “world” wasn’t a straight shot to learning. In the beginning, I really struggled to find my footing until the day I was introduced to Verbal Behavior (the approach and book by B.F. Skinner). From then on, I’ve worked each and every day to cultivate my skills and knowledge of the science of behavior analysis. I’ve worked in a variety of environments that have taught me the true value of generalization. What truly lights me up is helping other people understand more from “simple” to advanced concepts, because I think that's also one of the barriers to being a good BCBA. Accepting the fact that concepts/ideas are advanced for a reason means that, I'm going to have to study it, it's not going to be cut and dry, there will always be things I don't quite understand, and so I must keep on learning. This is the hard part. But it’s also the fun part! The Behavior Bootcamp Series is my labor of love to all of those that are in the same, or similar situation I was. You want to learn, you want to do better, but maybe don’t know where to start. So, I invite you to join me, and let’s learn together! On the rare occasions when I'm not doing all things CEUs by SNABA related, you can find me hanging out with my baby Moose.

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Katie Saint, PhD, LPC, BCBA-D

About Katie: Dr. Saint has presented locally and internationally on ACT therapy. Katie has had students come from around the world to observe her at her practice and study her application of ACT in ABA therapy. Dr. Saint works for an ABA company as the training director, and she has a private practice for mental health counseling. Katie has written college courses as well as published several books/assessments. You can find Dr. Saint on Instagram @doctorbehaviorboss.


Keira Moore, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LBA

About Keira: Dr. Moore is the owner of Moore Behavior Consulting and specializes in the assessment and treatment of sleep problems and severe behavior problems. In addition to clinical consulting, she is an adjunct faculty member for Regis College, supervises BCBA candidates all over the country, and offers webinars and training to behavior analysts around the world. Dr. Moore has been working as a behavior analyst since 2004, when she began her career at the New England Center for Children. Since then, she has worked with individuals with autism and related disorders in every setting imaginable, has conducted and published numerous research projects including federally-funded grant research, and has been teaching in various behavior analysis masters programs since 2010. Dr. Moore received her Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis from Western New England University in 2015, and has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2009.


Landa Fox, MA, BCBA, Certified Sexual Health Educator

About Landa: Landa is a BCBA and Certified Sexual Health Educator. She has formed a practice by merging her interests of teaching fundamental skills to folks of various abilities and sexual health and relationship education. She believes that access to inclusive, accessible, and accurate sexual health education is a fundamental human right that should be afforded to all. Areas of passion include: individualized teaching of sex education; teaching consent and body autonomy early; and access to pleasure for all.

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Lani Lawson, M.Ed., BCBA

About Lani:  Lani is passionate about coaching educators in how to get great school behavior. Lani was a self-contained classroom teacher for 5 years and later pursued her BCBA. She took those new skills back to the schools to figure out the best ways to help educators get better results. Her company is now trusted by over 40 school districts to provide behavioral services to their educators. Her goal is confident, happy educators who are optimistic about students who struggle with problem behavior.

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Liat Sacks, M.Ed., BCBA

About Liat: Liat is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Special Education at the University of Maryland before enrolling in FIT’s ABA Program. After graduation health sh** happened (#adultingproblems), and Liat found herself having to start from square one. Liat’s background spans from special education classrooms to clinics to potty training in homes to reading Cooper and studying for the past four years. Liat is most well known for creating drool-worthy (and hilarious) study notes, for teaching (and creating) a behavior analytic study method that doesn't #suck. She utilizes the principles of ABA in a very unique way to make sure people really grasp the material by making it real, raw, and relatable and also applies the principles across all of her businesses #OBM. Liat is passionate about sharing our science and making it accessible to anyone whether it regards needing to shape a friend’s post-breakup ice cream eating behavior or manipulating the environment to get a pal more likes on the gram. Basically, she takes the APPLIED part of our science very seriously. This is why she is the perfect person to teach a CEU on the dissemination of our Science! Liat is also the co-creator of CEUS by Study Notes ABA, the Study Notes ABA App. When it comes to the dissemination of ABA across a variety of tools, this chick does it all.


Makenzie Danis, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA

About Makenzie:Makenzie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst dedicated to providing child-centered and innovative ABA services. Makenzie holds degrees in psychology, and child development, along with graduate degrees in both special education and ABA. She has worked in the public school system for over 8 years ensuring students have effective behavior support plans and the skills to be successful in whatever life path brings joy and fulfillment.  Additionally, Makenzie Danis is a Certified Sexuality Educator through the Sexual Health Alliance. She believes firmly that all individuals, including those with disabilities, have a right to comprehensive sex education.  Makenzie is also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in both small groups and individual therapy. She is the proud owner of Danis Behavioral Solutions, which provides affirming behavioral support to individuals and families, along with progressive supervision services to future BCBAs.


Mari Cerda, TI-BCBA

About Mari: Mari Cerda is a Mesoamerican Indigenous woman, wife, mom of 3, and board-certified, trauma-responsive behavior analyst who consults with teachers and schools to provide professional development coaching on various Neurodivergent-affirming topics. A former special education teacher, Mari has been working with public education for nearly 13 years. She is currently completing her doctoral dissertation on Examining the Effects of a BST Training Package for Public Educators Administering the VB-MAPP Assessment at Texas Tech University and is set to defend this spring.  Mari is also the co-founder of The LEAP (Lighthouse of Equitable Access and Practices) Institute, a non-profit whose mission is to increase equitable access for marginalized and intersectioned groups entering the field of applied behavior analysis through quality supervision support and testing scholarships. LEAP is also working to shift the culture around the supervision relationship in the field of ABA. Mari currently sits on the advisory board for the Standard Celeration Society, Next4Autism Committee, TX-ABA Promoting ABA Committee, and BHCOE Person and Family Workgroup. You can find her dropping #real facts on her Instagram @autie.analyst


Marissa Ayala, M.Ed., BCBA, IBA

About Marissa: My name is Marissa Ayala, M.Ed, BCBA, and I am a Latina I own my own remote supervision company, Local ABA. Where we specialize in helping individuals obtain their unrestricted hours in unique and creative ways! My area of focus is supervision and I love storytelling and teaching! I am striving to build a community of competent, culturally responsive, and well-rounded future analysts that encourage their supervisees to ask questions and build meaningful change in our ABA community. You can catch Marissa on the gram @marissalocalaba.

Maxi Glamour

Maxi Glamour


About Maxi: Maxi Glamour (they/them) is a renowned drag and music artist, and founder of the St Louis organization Qu’art, which showcases local queer art and assists minority-intersected queer artists in gaining recognition and pay for their talents. Maxi’s talents went worldwide in 2020 when they were featured as a Season 3 contestant on the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, where they faced their fears and put out some killer looks. Maxi has since begun their undergraduate journey at Webster University, and has also just started tenure as a commissioner for the St Louis City Civil Rights Enforcement team. They continue to produce drag shows locally and to travel nationally, showcasing not only their drag, but also their music, having released an album in 2021 entitled Modernadada. Their website is:

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Mitalben Patel, M.S., BCBA, LBA (AZ)

About Mital:  I have been a BCBA since February 2021. I got my Masters of Science in Behavioral Psychology from Pepperdine University in 2020. I have worked as a BCBA in clinics, in home, in group homes, and in school settings. I joined the field of ABA in 2018. I have worked with both children and adults. I currently work as a BCBA in a clinic-based setting in Arizona. I enjoy reviewing research articles and learning about advances in our field, especially performance management/OBM and ACT. Outside of ABA, I enjoy hiking in the mountains and trying out new foods. My favorite hiking spot in Arizona is inside Oak Creek Canyon.

Maio-Aether Pic

Nicholas A. Maio-Aether, MAMFT, MSPSY, LBA, CSC, IBA, BCBA

About Nicholas: Nicholas owns Empowered: A Center for Sexuality in St Louis, where he and his occasional teams of partnered Universities' students work to assist humans with and without disabilities to achieve sexual access, sexual freedom, gender affirmation, and self-control of compulsive behaviors. Nicholas works throughout the US training BCBAs/Behavior Analysts so persons in Individualized Supportive Living (ISL) programs gain access to applicable and generalizable comprehensive sex ed and sexual opportunities. Nicholas provides Sexual Behavior Analysis, and has assisted polycules, kinksters, gay couples, trans and nonbinary humans, among others, on their journeys. Trained by GLSEN in 2003, Nicholas started Gay-Straight Alliances across Alaska while in high school, and provided them sex ed materials and trainings. Nicholas spent five years managing Hustler Hollywood in St Louis before moving into Behavior Analysis, and joined AASECT, where he currently sits on two committees. He then completed a Sex Therapy practicum under Linda Weiner, LMSW, CSTS, in 2019 before getting a second Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy, and meeting those hour requirements under Angela Skurtu, LMFT, CST, along with his LGBTQIA+ Family Systems Specialist certificate in 2021.


Nicole Shallow, M.Ed., BCBA

About Nicole: Nicole Shallow is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Sleep Specialist. She is extremely passionate about this topic and has become an authority figure in the sleep education space. She has partnered with many large brands to speak about the importance of sleep, has spoken on 10+ podcasts outside of the world of behavior analysis, and is the CEO and founder of her own company, Your Behaviour Gal Consulting Inc! She has only been certified for four years and is breaking barriers both with her clients and in the online space. Nicole supports clients directly one-to-one, with a specialized focus on supporting neurodivergent children and their caregivers. She prides herself in the relationships she can build with her clients, parents, professionals, supervisees, and mentees to help be their guide toward what they truly want. Her three values are compassion, knowledge, and inclusion. These are the three words she lives by every day, and this truly reflects in her presentation style.

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Peggy Karwiel, BCBA, LBA

About Peggy: I initially discovered ABA when I took a position as a Special Education Teacher in the Hawai’i DOE. I worked with students with severe problem behavior, and we focused on communication, life skills, and community-based instruction. Once I became a BCBA, I continued to work in schools but gained additional experience in-clinic, in-home, as well as, in the community. Having a very challenging supervision experience myself, I partnered with Local ABA to provide quality, remote supervision. I’ve been providing remote supervision for the past two years. Additionally, I’ve recently started my own business called PK Behavior Consulting where I provide 1:1 therapy to individuals navigating challenging times in their lives, in addition to, providing parent training, education, and support. I am passionate about using ACT in my practice which has allowed me to step outside of the “traditional” ABA box.

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Rachel Benson, M.Ed., LBA, BCBA

About Rachel: Rachel Benson (she/her) is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has been working with the neurodivergent population for over ten years in various settings including school, home, and clinic locations and water therapy. Rachel is currently under practicum for her Sexual Educator Certificate. Her current work is focused on sexual health, safety, relationships, and empowerment with both neurodivergent and neurotypical populations. Her philosophy is grounded in access to sexual health and sexuality for all and being able to obtain comprehensive and inclusive sexual education.

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Rosangela Estrada, M.S., BCBA, NY-LBA

About Rose: Rosangela, A.K.A Rosie, better known as @Behaviorfy, is a BCBA and NY licensed behavior analyst. Rosie has been in the field since 2016. In 2021, Behaviorfy was born with a mission to bring quality training to RBTs and slowly grew as a source of material prep for aspiring professionals in the field, including BCBAs. Behaviorfy also heavily focuses on sparking conversations about essential issues in the field, ranging from neurodiversity and client dignity, ethical behavior, supervisory practices, and other controversial issues, such as private practice ABA. You can find Rosie on Instagram @behaviorfy, and check out her website,, for study resources, freebies, and other services!


Rosie (Rose) Jeffers, MAT, BCBA, LABA

About Rosie: Rosie Jeffers is passionate about three things in life-- food, behavior analysis, and cats. Her dissemination efforts can be found through her podcast Behavior Bites, instagram @rosie.eats.bx, and website Rosie is a member of multiple organizations including MassABA, BABAT, and an Advocate/Ally Member of BABA. Rosie’s work includes three CEU courses with Study Notes ABA (A DINK's Guide to Caregiver Coaching, Soft Skills – This Time, It’s Personal, and We Need to Talk: A Webinar on Ethics). Rosie lives and works in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


Salena Davila-Schilling, M.A., BCBA

About Salena: Salena Davila-Schilling is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst from Chicago, IL. She is the creator of—a website designed to help fellow behavior analysts find the right conferences related to their interests, research and read journal articles, and discover resources to help them explore The Full Field of Behavioral Analysis and Science. Salena is part of multiple organizations including the ILABA Legislation Committee, The Standard Celeration Society Values Committee, LABA Fast Track, and many other national conferences. She is also a consistent creator and voice in the field. Her work includes research for the Why We Do What We Do Podcast, Study Notes ABA, and Secretary for the Dissemination of Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group.

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Shane T. Spiker, PhD, BCBA

About Shane: Shane T. Spiker is a BCBA in Ormond Beach, Florida. Shane received his MS of Psychology in 2012 and his second MS in applied Psychology in 2016. In May 2019, he graduated with his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a concentration on instructional design. He has been providing services in the field of ABA since 2010, with the majority of his experience with autistic learners and other disabilities. Shane specializes in working with teens and adults with dangerous problem behavior, sexual behavior, and medically complex individuals in home and community-based settings. Primarily, Shane serves as the Clinical Training and Safety Director at PBS, Corp. Shane previously served as the Vice President of the Sexual Behavior: Research and Practice SIG through ABAI. He has written and published several articles related to behavior analysis and practice. Additionally, he serves as a co-instructor at Florida Institute of Technology, Arizona State University, and Regis College, where he teaches graduate-level coursework. He enjoys reading and appreciates a really good cup of coffee. To keep up with his ongoing work, please feel free to check out the following resources:

  • Instagram: @drshanetspiker, @WNDPress, @WWDWWDPodcast, @paperbackbehavior, @TeamPBS
  • Podcasts: Why We Do What We Do and Paperback Behavior
  • Websites: (for books and publications), (for trainings).

Teressa Borrayo, MA., BCBA

About Teressa: Teressa Borrayo is a BCBA from Southern California. She has been in the field of ABA for over 10 years and is loving every minute of it.  She is an experienced Program Supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the remote learning industry. Teressa specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Parent Education, Early Childhood Education, and Adaptive Skills. She is on the Disseminating Behavior Analysis Board and provides supervision for RBT's and potential BCBAs.

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