Behavior Bootcamp 2.0 Recorded Bundle


This bundle includes all 4 of our Behavior Bootcamp courses and will now provide the participant with 13 Learning Type (formerly type 2) BACB CEUs – full course descriptions below

All courses are taught by CEUs by SNABA’s very own Jordan Litt, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA-NYS!



The Behavior Bootcamp Bundle includes four courses:

I got 99 problem behaviors and I need help with all of ‘em! #problembehavior101: 

This course is the first course of our 4-part Behavior Bootcamp Series. This course is designed to teach the #important information when it comes to setting-up, designing, completing, analyzing, and implementing all components of an FBA in a real and tangible way. Meaning, we have created this course to be as “hands-on” as you can get virtually by adding workbooks and activities for you to follow along through the process with us. This course was formed out of an understanding that today’s BCBA not only needs to write an empirically sound and effective behavior assessment, but also has to disseminate it to a team of individuals.

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it #pairinglikeapro:

This course is the second course of our 4-part Behavior Bootcamp Series. Do you ever wonder why certain people just rub you the wrong way? Do you ever feel like you spend more time trying to get your clients to tolerate you than teaching? Do you want to learn the skills required to build stronger relationships with your clients, but just haven’t found the tools to do so? Well look no further because this course has got everything you want, and even skills you didn’t know you needed for long lasting rapport building relationships. This course takes you through the process of how to be more #likeable instead of a giant #CMO-R.

R-E-Q-U-E-S-T find out what it means to me #mandinglikeaboss:

This course is the third course of our 4-part Behavior Bootcamp Series. How many times a day do you think, well if you just told me what you wanted I would have been willing to give it to you. How often do you find yourself confused or frustrated when manding isn’t happening spontaneously? Do you ever wish there was some magical wand you could wave and fix all problems related to manding? While we can’t give you a magic wand, or a secret recipe to fix everything (although we wish we could) we will get you down into the nitty gritty of manding. Why some things work, and why some just won’t. This course will provide you with the skills to turn research into reality all while staying true to arguably B.F. Skinner’s most underappreciated and often underutilized work “Verbal Behavior.” This course breaks down one of, if not THE, most important verbal operant from start to finish with real, and relatable ways to incorporate empirically based mand training into your daily practice.

Hello assessment, my old friend. #assessments101:

This course is the fourth and final course of our 4-part Behavior Bootcamp Series. When assigned to run an assessment do you instantly feel dread? Stress? Do you feel like you never have enough time during an assessment? Are you confused on how/where to even start? Well, do we have the class for you! This course will provide you with the skills to look at the entire process of preparing for an assessment in a whole new light. Instead of lecturing you on our favorite assessments, we provide you with basic building blocks to approach the entire process in a whole new light.

Target Audience: Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts