Don’t Be a BCBA-Hole: ABA Interactions with Compassion & Understanding #recorded


  • Instructor: Dominique Shorter-Taylor, MA, BCBA (AKA Dom the BCBA Mom!)
  • Duration: 117 minutes of instruction – self-paced
  • 2 Ethics Type BACB® CEUs provided upon course completion – full course description below


**This course will provide the participant with 2 Ethics Type BACB CEUs**

Description of Learning Type CE Event: Description of Learning Type CE Event: They say “People do business with people they know, like, and trust”, but according to The 25 Essential Skills of a Behavior Analyst by Bailey and Burch, “We have a long way to go in terms of our image”. And in comparison to other scientists and professionals, we do not have a seat at the ‘cool kids’ table. Can you blame them? “Behavior analysts are a gaggle of behavioral geeks who spout technical terms that sound somewhat ominous and threatening” (pg 4). This is because at times we lack cultural humility and the understanding that each individual, culture, or sub culture often responds differently to the same set of contingencies. Without seeking to understand an individual’s history of reinforcement and exposing ourselves to idiosyncratic cultural norms, we are inadvertently putting ourselves as practitioners in positions where we are not liked or trusted. This training will promote strategies on how to effectively interact with and provide interventions for families that we service by leading with an understanding of who they are instead of leading with the science of ABA. This training will also include a storytelling method of teaching to help the learner gain insight on the caregiver’s perspective. Dominique Shorter-Taylor, also known on Youtube as Dom the BCBA Mom, has mastered reaching and disseminating our science to the masses in an unconventional and progressive way. This training will shed light on her unique experience and intersectionality of being a BCBA, Autism mom, and woman of color. While helping to develop essential skills for those BCBAs who frequently interact with parents/caregivers and those who intend to disseminate the science of Applied Behavior Analysis with Cultural Responsiveness and Diversity

About the Instructor: Dominique Shorter- Taylor is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), CEO of Shorter-Taylor Behavior Consulting and Co-Founder of Beyond ABA, LLC. Dom is most known for her Youtube channel Dom the BCBA Mom, where she creates vivacious content on real life situations as a BCBA, different career paths, and her unique journey as an Autism Mom. Dom received her certification from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She received a master’s degree in clinical psychology in her hometown, Chicago, and she is a proud alumni of South Carolina State University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). She is also an Adjunct Faculty and Supervisor at Bay Path University. o Dominique has been working with adults and children with Autism and other neurological differences for 11 years. While working in the field of behavior analysis and navigating systems with her own child, she determined a need for accessible services specifically in communities that are traditionally underrepresented and underserved in the field of ABA. Dominique has made it her mission to collaborate with other professionals and disseminate the benefits of ABA in unconventional ways to all in need. o Dominique has been a presenter at the Women in Behavior Analyst (WIBA) conference three years in a row in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and leadership. She is presenting at the Black Applied Behavior Analyst (BABA) 2022 Conference. She has been invited to speak at a number of local radio and TV stations in the Chicagoland area sharing the benefits of applied behavior analysis not only to individuals with Autism, but to our entire community. o When she is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and 3 children (and one on the way), volunteering at community organizations like PTMAN and New Moms, and leading the media team at her local church. She loves creating content for her YouTube channel, Dom the BCBA Mom, and promoting a healthy work/life balance.

Target Audience: BCBAs who frequently interact with parents/caregivers and those who intend to disseminate the science of Applied Behavior Analysis with Cultural Responsiveness and Diversity.