Let’s talk about FCT, Let’s rethink BST #RECORDED


Instructor:  Teressa Borrayo, M.A., BCBA

2 general BACB® CEUs provided upon course completion – full course description below



"Let’s talk about FCT, Let’s rethink BST” - Using the Coaching Model when Educating Families on Functional Communication Training

Functional Communication Training (FCT) is one of the most widely used treatments in ABA. However, when implemented incorrectly and inconsistently, FCT is not as successful. The field of ABA needs to shift towards parent/family implementation. If we fail to train families to implement in our absence, are we truly providing an effective service? Ever felt as though your staff and program are falling short? Are you struggling to educate your families and missing that connection? Wanting to find ways to disseminate ABA for your families? This is the course for YOU! This course will provide practitioners with a greater understanding of functional communication training and the coaching model. The coaching model offers an alternative approach from the Behavior Skills Training Model we are all so familiar with. PowerPoint presentation, handouts, and scenarios will provide practitioners with the knowledge to coach families through the practical use and implementation of (FCT). Practitioners will learn to navigate through the steps of FCT, using a collaborative approach with families, to identify the function of behavior, select an appropriate communicative response, and prompt FCT during daily living routines.

Target Audience: Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts

**This course will provide the participant with 2 Learning Type BACB® CEUs**