Masturbation 101- Responding to Self-Stimulatory Behavior at Various Developmental Milestones #Recorded


Instructor: Makenzie Danis, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Duration: 89 minutes CEU instruction – self-paced

1.5 General Learning Type BACB® CEUs provided upon course completion – full course description below

Level: CBS Level 1



**This course will provide the participant with 1.5 General Learning Type BACB® CEUs**

Description of Learning Type CE Event: Not sure how to handle a client touching themselves in a public setting? Unclear on what is appropriate versus when to intervene? This training offers your insight into appropriate sexual developmental milestones and provides a toolkit of how to respond as a BCBA® or professional. It also outlines when and how to teach sex education topics, and how to utilize sex toys to promote healthy masturbation routines.

About the Instructor: Makenzie Danis is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst dedicated to providing child-centered and innovative ABA services. Makenzie holds degrees in psychology, child development, and graduate degrees in both special education and ABA. She has worked in the public school system for over 8 years ensuring students have effective behavior support plans and the skills to be successful in whatever life path brings joy and fulfillment.

Makenzie Danis is currently pursuing an AASECT certification and is currently a certified sexuality education through the sexual health alliance. She knows there are gaps in this area of education nationwide and is dedicated to working with families to target behaviors that come up around sexual health and individuals with developmental disabilities. Makenzie is also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in both small groups and individual therapy. She is thrilled to be back, more recently, in the classroom teaching and providing BCBA school services.

Target Audience: BCBA®s or professionals who want more information on how to appropriately respond to self-stimulatory behaviors or behavioral analysts who want more information of what is developmentally appropriate at various milestones and how to support their client’s sexually without inadvertently causing harm or shame.

Learning Objectives for Participants: As a result of this course participants will be able to …

  • Develop understanding of developmental appropriateness of masturbation behavior.
  • Identify appropriate teaching strategies and resources that can be utilized in teaching masturbation and hygiene.
  • Understanding ethical importance and teaching masturbation and the importance of discussing masturbation and sexual health with clients.

Disclaimer: Always remember that taking a CEU, even a multi-hour CEU is NOT enough to demonstrate competency in the content related to the CEU. It is YOUR responsibility to seek out supervision/consultation with the presenter and/or a subject matter expert (SME). The CBS/CBS-C certification is a SUB-field certification designed for the sub-field of SBA it does NOT lead to licensure of its own. Thus to practice with this certification, you’d have to be a BCBA® or BCaBA® via the BACB® and/or certified in your particular state as a Licensed Behavior Analyst.