May 2023 Supervision & Ethics Bundle #live


Rosangela (Rosie) Estrada and Dominique Shorter-Taylor are here with us live, and you won’t want to miss either of their courses! This bundle includes both live courses on Saturday, May 6th, 2023, and will provide the participant with 3.5 TOTAL CEUs (1.5 Supervision and 2 Ethics) Learning Type BACB CEUs (when attending BOTH events LIVE) – full course descriptions & start times below.

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Healing The Supervisor #live

Course Date: Saturday, May 6th, 2023 @ 11 am CT (12 PM ET | 9 AM PT)

**This course will provide the participant with 1.5 Supervision Learning Type BACB® CEUs**

Description of Learning Type CE Event: In an age where mental health is receiving so much awareness, we’re now being presented with language to interpret all walks of life: From the way we’re attached to our partners, to our childhood trauma, to our trauma bonding with others, and our parenting styles. But how can we, as behavior analysts, interpret this information to better our behavior? And most importantly, how do we find value in this so-called “mentalistic” world that we can apply to improve our own practice? In this CEU class, you will learn invaluable skills regarding the four parenting styles to make you a well-rounded professional, and you will also learn how these skills can be applied not just to children but to supervisees. Understanding the supervision cycle, which can be #toxic, reflecting on your own “upbringing” in the field, and thinking about your current practice, you will unlearn maladaptive behaviors while acquiring new adaptive skills to make you the best supervisor your therapists could ask for.

About the Instructor: Rosangela, A.K.A Rosie, better known as @Behaviorfy, is a BCBA and NY licensed behavior analyst. Rosie has been in the field since 2016. In 2021, Behaviorfy was born with a mission to bring quality training to RBTs and slowly grew as a source of material prep for aspiring professionals in the field, including BCBAs. Behaviorfy also heavily focuses on sparking conversations about essential issues in the field, ranging from neurodiversity and client dignity, ethical behavior, supervisory practices, and other controversial issues, such as private practice ABA. You can find Rosie on Instagram @behaviorfy, and check out her website,, for study resources, freebies, and other services!

Target Audience: BCBA® Supervisors & Trainers

Secure the Bag: How to Earn Multiple Streams of Income and Make A Global Impact in Applied Behavior Analysis #live

Course Date: Saturday, May 6th, 2023 @ 1 pm CT (2 PM ET |11 AM PT)

**This course will provide the participant with 2 Ethics Learning Type BACB® CEUs**

Description of Learning Type CE Event: Among BCBAs, an estimated 73% of us work with individuals diagnosed with ASD (Raise your hand if you are in that number). Why wouldn’t we focus our science in that direction? It is truly important work we do by implementing techniques based on the principles of behavior to support the developmental trajectory of young children with ASD (Howlin et al., 2009; Lovaas, 1987; Be that as it may, the principles of behavior (e.g., antecedent-based interventions, differential reinforcement, functional behavior assessment) can be applied to a million other things. This training is designed for those BCBAs who seek to diversify their scope of competence, and their income by learning how to earn multiple streams of income (raise your hand if that is you). This training will identify an extensive list of socially significant behavior domains, including empirical review, that could help ABA achieve global impact. I’ve got 99 problems but finding a job ain’t one. Simply finding a job is not our purpose. Our purpose is the impact we bring to the world while doing that job. So, get ready to break out of the box, and free yourself from previous attachments you’ve had regarding how you are supposed to show up in this field as we find various ways to secure the bag.

About the Instructor: Dominique Shorter- Taylor is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), CEO of Shorter-Taylor Behavior Consulting, and Co-Founder of Beyond ABA, LLC. Dom is most known for her Youtube channel Dom the BCBA Mom, where she creates vivacious content on real-life situations as a BCBA, different career paths, and her unique journey as an Autism Mom. Dom received her certification from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She received a master’s degree in clinical psychology in her hometown, Chicago, and she is a proud alumni of South Carolina State University, a Historically Black College and University (HBCU). She is also an Adjunct Faculty and Supervisor at Bay Path University. Dominique has been working with adults and children with Autism and other neurological differences for 13 years. While working in the field of behavior analysis and navigating systems with her own child, she determined a need for accessible services, specifically in communities that are traditionally underrepresented and underserved in the field of ABA. Dominique has made it her mission to collaborate with other professionals and disseminate the benefits of ABA in unconventional ways to all in need. Dominique has been a presenter at the Women in Behavior Analyst (WIBA) conference for three years in a row in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and leadership. She has presented at the Black Applied Behavior Analyst (BABA) 2022 Conference. She was an invited speaker at the Autism Expo, The Answer Inc. events, UICF Bible College, Proviso Township Minister’s Alliance and interviewed on the AC Green show 106.3, The Talk of Chicago 1690 WVON, Gospel Radio 1390, and CAN TV, sharing the benefits of applied behavior analysis not only to individuals with Autism but to our entire community. When she is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and 4 children, volunteering at community organizations like Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, and PTMAN, and leading the media team at her local church. She loves creating content for her Youtube, Instagram, and Tik Tok audience, and promoting a healthy work/life balance. Target Audience: BCBAs® who seek to diversify their income and expand their level of competence by identifying more effective ways to apply behavior analysis outside of our traditional clientele.

Target Audience: BCBAs® who seek to diversify their income and expand their level of competence by identifying more effective ways to apply behavior analysis outside of our traditional clientele.