Sexual Behaviors in the Digital Age #recorded


Instructor: Nicholas A. Maio-Aether, MAMFT, MSPSY, LBA, BCBA

Duration: 118 minutes of instruction – self-paced

2 General Learning Type BACB® CEUs provided upon course completion – full course description below

Level: CBS Level 1



**This course will provide the participant with 2 General Learning Type BACB CEUs**

Description of Learning Type CE Event: In this, the Digital Age, we have found ourselves at the mercy of technology, it often seems to parents, guardians and caregivers…and even to Behavior Analysts. What do we do to keep minors and/or adults with ID safe when the world is one click away, and circa half the information is false, the people are technically strangers with their own agendas, and porn is seemingly everywhere? Also, how do we promote critical thinking toward safety without enforcing heteronormative or other value-based standards upon adult humans with ID who wish to engage in sociosexual and sexual behaviors online, allowing them the same rights as their neurotypical peers? What is and is not appropriate? Is that even answerable?! Oh my…if this is what your brain does when you start thinking about this subject, you might want to attend! This 2-hour course covers current normed trends and also the okay-ness of deviance from norms, how to address porn use by minors, and ways of addressing sexting and catfishing. Within this presentation, we will be exploring the normed trends for various age groups in the United States — a “what to possibly expect,” if you will — regarding sexual and sociosexual online behaviors. Additionally, some general strategies are provided for addressing porn use by minors; porn use by adults who are not being affirmed in their use by their systems; catfishing; sexting my minor or individual incapable of consenting to such. Note that addressing these concerns requires finesse not garnered within a stagnant CEU; post-viewing, attendees are encouraged to seek out consultation or supervision to ethically engage in the recommendations therein

About the Instructor: Nicholas Maio-Aether owns Empowered: A Center for Sexuality in St Louis, where he and his occasional teams of partnered Universities’ students work to assist humans with and without disabilities achieve sexual access, sexual freedom, gender affirmation, and self-control of compulsive behaviors. Nicholas works throughout the US training BCBAs/Behavior Analysts so persons in Individualized Supportive Living (ISL) programs gain access to applicable and generalizable comprehensive sex ed and sexual opportunities. Nicholas provides Sexual Behavior Analysis, and has assisted polycules, kinksters, gay couples, trans and nonbinary humans, among others, on their journeys. Trained by GLSEN in 2003, Nicholas started Gay-Straight Alliances across Alaska while in high school, and provided them sex ed materials and trainings. Nicholas spent five years managing Hustler Hollywood in St Louis before moving into Behavior Analysis, and joined AASECT, where he currently sits on two committees. He then completed a Sex Therapy practicum under Linda Weiner, LMSW, CSTS, in 2019 before getting a second Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy, and meeting those hour requirements under Angela Skurtu, LMFT, CST, along with his LGBTQIA+ Family Systems Specialist certificate in 2021.

Target Audience: Event is Designed For: Behavior Analysts who work with humans in this, the Digital Age.

Disclaimer: Always remember that taking a CEU, even a multi-hour CEU is NOT enough to demonstrate competency in the content related to the CEU. It is YOUR responsibility to seek out supervision/consultation with the presenter and/or a subject matter expert (SME). The CBS/CBS-C certification is a SUB-field certification designed for the sub-field of SBA it does NOT lead to licensure of its own. Thus to practice with this certification, you’d have to be a BCBA® or BCaBA® via the BACB® and/or certified in your particular state as a Licensed Behavior Analyst.