THE Graph

This document is a free download. Here you can find a sample graph to utilize throughout our courses, or out in the #realworld. We created this for you to have as a handy resource or an option to "spice" up your current graphs.

CEU Tracker

We created this document so you can compile the CEUs you have taken across the re-certification periods. This document helps you to track the courses you have taken over time to avoid inadvertently taking the same course twice. The document also has pre-filled formulas to calculate how many CEUs are still required for each category.

How to use: Fill in information from the course such as course title, OP or IP Number, Date CEU completed, Type of CEU and if that information has been uploaded to the BACB website. Be sure to only add numbers into the CEU category columns (General CEUs, Ethics CEUs, Supervision CEUs), as this document is set with an equation to display how many CEUs you have earned with another equation at the bottom to show you how many you have left. Use a new tracker table each re-certification cycle so you have a list of courses completed handy.

How to add CEUs to the BACB Website

This document is a free download. We have created this document to share with you the visual display of how to upload CEUs to the BACB website at This document cannot and should not replace you going to the BACB website to obtain information on your own. It is your responsibility to always check for the most up to date information/processes.

Check Out Our Facebook Group

Disclaimer: It is NOT required to join this group in order to receive CEUs, to create an account, or to access this site. This link is provided as a community resource, further defined as a way to connect with individuals in the field during a time when many feel disconnected. This group should not/cannot replace doing your own research, CEUs, supervision, and/or training. Any person in the group is expected to follow HIPPA, FERPA, state-specific privacy laws, BACB (and other governing body ethical codes). Viewpoints and opinions expressed in this group are not a reflection of CEUs by Study Notes ABA LLC, Study Notes ABA LLC, or any related entities.

We recommend that you review the ethical principles laid out by the BACB(R), and read the research regarding ethical implications and social media. The following research article is one of several works: O'Leary, P., Miller, M., Olive, M., & Kelly, A. (2015, January 6). Blurred Lines: Ethical Implications of Social Media for Behavior Analysts. Retrieved September 25, 2020, from https://www.ncbi.nlm. pmc/articles/PMC5352618